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Designed and developed phone hardware from early architecture layout to mass production validation.

iPhone 13 Mini
iPhone 11 Pro Max
iPhone 8 Plus

Product Design at Apple

iPhone 13 Mini | Front Facing Camera, FaceID & Sensors in "Notch"
iPhone 11 Pro Max | Housing Enclosure & 3D Back Glass with Texture
iPhone 8 Plus | Buttons, TouchID & Fasteners

The Mastercraft saw is designed for hobbyist woodworkers who live in urban environments. The saw provides the functionality of a tablesaw without its size, mess, noise, or safety risks.

Dimensions: 10"x 12"x 28"
Materials: aluminum, stainless steel
Processes: manual milling, metal turning

ME203 | Manufacturing and Design
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

Finesse is both a tool and a piece of art. The hand tool's beauty encourages a craftsman to slow down and enjoy the process of building. It also has extra features like auxiliary fences and scribing wheels to make it more versatile than the average block plane.

Dimensions: 2"x 2"x 7"
Materials: bronze, bloodwood, aluminum, steel
Processes: CNC Vertical Milling, Woodworking

ME318 | Computer-Aided Product Creation
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

Designed & built a hand plane to gain hands-on experience with heat treatment processes. Practiced heat bluing, machining/hardening a broach, and hardening/tempering plane blade edges.

Dimensions: 3"x 3" x 12"
Materials: tool steel, drill rod, steel, brass, ironwood
Processes: hardening & tempering, heat bluing, woodworking, manual turning/milling, CNC vertical milling

ME--- | Independent Study
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

Hex Broach | Drill Rod machined & hardened
Finger Knobs | Heat blued in tempering oven
Plane Blade | Air quench steel hardened with flux & tempered

I designed these pedals for the Stanford Solar Car team to be light, compact, and offer both regenerative and mechanical braking. The pedal provides only electrical regenerative braking for the first half of the stroke then both mechanical and electrical braking for the second half to make for an efficient drive. These pedals survived a 3000 mile race across the Australian outback.

Dimensions: 8"x 6"x 8"
Materials: aluminum, steel, plastic
Processes: CNC vertical milling

For: Stanford Solar Car Project

This chair is an exploration using curves to create anticipation and movement. The armrest invites interaction and the different ways people grip it will tell a story as the chair develops a patina.

Dimensions: 34"x 22" x 34"
Materials: white oak, plywood, maple veneer, cushion foam, denim suede
Processes: woodworking, bent lamination, plywood vacuum forming, upholstery

ME263 | The Chair
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

Pink foam used for fast prototyping
Handcut jointery
Lamination strips bent around form to create legs
Vacuum used to form bent plywood back

These rocket toys were an exploration of multiples parts interacting with themselves. When on their own, these spring-loaded rockets will jump a few feet into the air. Stack multiple rockets together and the mechanical staging snaps make the rockets shoot up fifteen feet or more!

Dimensions: 1.5"x 1.5"x 3"
Materials: HDPE plastic, aluminum mold
Processes: CNC vertical milling, 3D printing, injection molding

ME325 | Scaled Manufacturing Tooling
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

This stirling engine was designed to highlight the rendering & animation capabilities of Fusion360. Industrial design inspired by Fonderie 47.

The 3D printer was designed to illustrate how to build multipart assemblies in Fusion360. The design also explored a method of reducing the printer's moving mass by mounting the stepper motors to its enclosure and driving the y axis through a splined shaft.

Stanford | Student Ambasador
for Autodesk Fusion360

These wax stamps are my attempt to design on a smaller scale than normal. It was also an opportunity to explore many different manufacturing processes.

Dimensions: 1"x 4"
Materials: bronze, bloodwood, steel
Processes: wood turning, investment casting, silicon molding, wax injection, CNC vertical milling

ME298 | Silversmithing and Design
at the Stanford Product Realization Lab

"Bridges" | polished bronze
"Hummingbird Wing" | bronze with patina
"Smithy at Work" | color pencil
"Manolo" | cut newspaper strips
"Everyday Beauty" | graphite and color pencil
"Bike Shadow" | graphite
"Lost Shoes" | graphite
"Lumberjack" | color pencil

Handstitched Wallet | leather
Side table | paduk, birch, copper
17' Whitehall Boat | mahogany
Flower Lamp | mahogany, maply, zebrawood, cocobolo